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Consultancy Services
Your Reliable Environmental Specialist

Railway Noise & Vibration Control

  • Noise impact assessment for planning
  • Acoustic mitigation design for train, track, viaduct and integrated systems
  • Trackform vibration isolation design
  • Component performance testing, e.g. track decay rate, rail damping, LCF, Trackform Insertion loss, etc.
  • Noise commissioning tests
  • Saloon noise and vibration benchmark and ride comfort assessment

Building Acoustics

  • Building noise insulation between different functional space
  • Structure borne noise evaluation and vibration isolation design for plant rooms
  • MVAC ductborne noise mitigation treatment
  • Room acoustic simulation and interior absorptive treatment
  • Acoustic assessment for BEAM Plus and LEED certification
  • Acoustic performance testing
  • Acoustic design for performance venues

Environmental Assessment

  • Green Building Certification Consultancy (BEAM Plus, LEED and WELL)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Preliminary Environmental Review (PER)
  • Environmental Study for Planning Application (S16 & S12A)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Micro-climate Study
  • Environmental Monitoring & Audit (EM&A)
  • Independent Environmental Checking (IEC)
  • Indoor Environmental Quality Testing of IAQ, Water, Lighting Quality and Thermal Comfort etc.

Construction Noise & Vibration

  • Construction Noise Permit (CNP) application
  • Groundborne noise assessment and monitoring for tunnel boring machines
  • Vibration assessment and mitigation for construction activities such as TBM, piling, rock breaking, etc.
  • Sound Power Level (SWL) measurement
  • QPME certification and renewal
  • NEL test

Industrial Noise Control

  • NIA for residential or infrastructure development projects
  • Noise abatement for outdoor chillers, cooling towers and ventilation openings at source
  • On-site measurements & compliance testing

Machine Vibration Prognosis & Isolation

  • Vibration evaluation for pumps, gensets, fans, chillers, etc. according to ISO standards
  • Fault detection and prognosis using FFT, demodulation and envelop analysis techniques
  • Rotor dynamic balancing for cooling towers, power plants, etc.
  • Machine vibration isolation design
  • Vibration assessment & mitigation for sensitive equipment

Transportation Noise Assessment

  • NIA for residential or infrastructure development projects
  • Building envelope optimization & noise insulation design
  • Performance test for acoustic windows and balconies

Sound System Acoustic Design

  • Acoustic simulation for STI, RT, SPL distribution
  • Optimization of loudspeaker configurations
  • Interior acoustic treatment for PA speech intelligibility

Real-Time Noise & Vibration Monitoring

  • Real-time noise monitoring for construction sites, railway developments, festival events, etc
  • Real-time vibration monitoring for construction sites, sensitive equipment, tunnel boring machines, etc
  • Alert message with project-specific trigger level, e.g. PPV for historical buildings, VC curves for sensitive equipment, Leq,5min for construction sites.
  • Tailor made monitoring & fault detection systems according to user's specifications, please contact us for more details

Finite Element Analysis

  • Natural frequency & mode shape simulation
  • Dynamic response, vibration and noise radiation of structures
  • Stress analysis
  • Fatigue life analysis
  • Shock and vibration analysis for rail vehicle mounting according to GM/RT2100, IEC 61373
  • Advice on design optimization

Smart Construction Site
The Road to Digital Twin


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AQM, VOCs, Odor Monitoring

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AI Camera

-Edge Computing

- Rapid Deployment (Utilize Existing Hardware)

-Plug and Play (PnP)

-Behaviour Detection (Helmet, Smoking, etc.)

- Environment Detection (Leakage, Fire Alarm, etc.)

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Auto Spray System

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Structural Monitoring

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Water Level / Flow Monitoring

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Vehicle Operation Monitoring

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Water and Elec. Use Monitoring

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Hi-End Application

-Noise Radar, Acoustic Threat Detection

-Acoustic Map

-Event Auto Record

-LIDAR 3D Dust Monitoring Network

-Underwater Acoustics

-Underwater Camera System

Equipment and Products
Cutting Edge Products with the Best Technical Support

Real-Time Noise & Vibration Monitoring Systems

We provides holistic real-time noise and vibration monitoring solutions. The monitoring parameters and data analysis algorithm can be tailor made according to user's specifications.

Monitoring equipment are both for sale and for rental. Please contact us for more details.

Advanced Acoustic Analysis Tools

We offer cutting edge acoustic analysis hardware and software for acoustic professionals to deal with challenging acoustic problems. Our acoustic professionals could also provide you supreme post-sale training and support which are unparalleled by other suppliers.

Our available products include:

Marine Acoustics

We corporate with Integrated System Ltd and Ocean Sonics to deliver unique high quality marine acoustic services in Hong Kong. Our expertise includes the followings:

  • Underwater Noise Measurement
  • Underwater Noise Modeling
  • Marine Mammal Tracking and Classification
  • Underwater Noise Management
  • Marine Survey Services

Railway Components

We corporate with trackwork suppliers to provide economic and durable trackwork components, e.g. turnouts and fastening systems. We put the maintenance work of railway operators at ease.

Automotive Diagnostic Technology Solution

Product Highlights:

  • Tunnel Scan
  • Rail Profile
  • Wave Partner II
  • Portable Rail Profile RPT500
  • Thermal Camera
  • Over Head Line
  • Clearance Measurement System

SubC Imaging
High quality, State-of-the-art, Underwater Imaging Equipment


Lights and Laser:

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About Us

Who we are

Novox is found in 2018 specialized in acoustic and environmental design. We provide holistic, cost effective and innovative solutions to address the challenges of today and shape a tranquil and comfortable environment for tomorrow.

Our Services

Our diversified acoustic and environmental consultancy service covers all phases of the project cycle, from design planning, tender evaluation, construction, component testing to commissioning test. Our professional consultancy team has extensive technical knowledge and practical experiences in noise and vibration control, with geological coverage in Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia, etc. We foster long term partnership with clients and work towards mutual success.

We also offer a large variety of engineering products, such as N&V monitoring systems, trackwork components, tailor-made prototypes. No matter you are looking for economical products or cutting-edge performance, our engineers are right here to find suitable products and offer reliable post sale support for you.

Let's scroll down and explore our consultancy services and products in more details. Or please feel free to request a CV or published research works from our professional consultancy team.

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